Mapler exists to provide work opportunities, as well as housing, training, nutrition, and treatment as available for underprivileged Americans, such as the homeless and/or disabled with a preference toward veterans for the purpose of reintegration.

The idea of Mapler was conceived for the purpose of addressing many of the issues our world presents with a solution that is as compassionate as possible. Two of those major issues being homelessness and the dwindling supply of healthy renewable food resources. There have been many years of field research put into this and thousands of interviews with people who live on the streets as well as doctors, psychologists, religious leaders, college professors, college students, people who work within the government, people who run local businesses, their employees, and military. Everyone agrees we could use some more reliable healthy foods in our diets and everyone agrees that it would be nice to have less homeless on the streets.

Products and services provided by our company for veterans and the homeless will be of high quality and beyond industry standards. Farming will be either Permaculture or Bio-diversity based to avoid the need for pesticides.

We will be taking the homeless and veterans off the streets and bringing them outside the city to farms , away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol and away from the triggers for mental health issues such as PTSD that many of them are constantly exposed to within the city. These temptations and triggers are what tend to keep them suffering and on the streets!
Once they are away from the city and in a safe environment mental health experts, nutritionists and counselors will be working to help them overcome their addictions and mental health issues.

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Mapler now accepts donations that you can get a tax write-off for through our fiscal sponsor Social Good!