This is Mapler.

Metropolitan Assistance
Programs & Life Extension Reservation Inc.

Manifesting dreams into reality since 2009

Nationwide, USA

Our mission

We are working to build food forests worldwide that provide a safe haven from the temptations, triggers, judgement, and greed found in our society.

We also plan to offer free education, on the job training, free room and board. Hoping to help with student loan repayment, CBT, and other psychological therapies.

massage, yoga, spiritual and emotional guidance, meditation, movement therapy, nutrition, Reiki, equine therapy, music and art therapy,

and more at no cost to those who we are here to help through creative fundraising.

Mapler’s Tenets

(Mapler’s Bylaws)


Project Proposals


and Festivals


we are partnering with companies that are Natural, Sustainable and compassionate.

We have been partnered with Alliances of Veterans and Family Services (AVFS) since 2016.

AVFS is a non-profit whose mission is to assist veterans to sustainably

transition back to a family, civilian, and community oriented life

with a strong focus on PTSD treatment.

Our newest partner Blue Boson

Blue Boson has been using quantum mechanics to clean waterways around the world and we are proud to be partnered with them to work towards a much higher vibrational future for mankind!

Hoping to create a better future for generations to come.