Food Forests

Mapler hopes to terraform and create food forest conservation easements so that we can provide nutritious naturally grown food (without any pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers) for public schools at the lowest possible fee (1 cent per ton). We aim to provide free housing and workshops/training to those willing to learn to care for the earth and our future generations.


To Raise the Vibrations of the Planet

from the ground up!

We plan to Terraform land to create hills, valleys, lakes, ponds, streams, etc. While working with local permaculturists to design a literal food forest that can produce food for hundreds of years, even without human intervention, beyond setting it up! We will invite permaculturists to work on the land and help the forest flourish while teaching others about the local plant life, their nutritional and healing properties, as well as their impact on our environment. We want all of our lands to have a conservation easement on them so that these Food Forests will be as permanent as a wildlife sanctuary (and on larger lands we would like to have wildlife sanctuaries).

Our Discovery

Mapler was intended to help veterans with PSTD find a place to relax, find their peace, and integrate back into society. Science shows that gardening improved life satisfaction and mood. Digging in the dirt really does lift your spirits. The digging stirs up microbes in the soil and inhaling these microbes can stimulate serotonin production, which can make you feel relaxed and happier.

Grow With Love on Our Farms

Since public schools are encouraged by law to take foods from the lowest bidder, the majority of children in the US have been fed some of the worst food in the world for decades! By selling the produce from our Food Forest Farms to public schools for 1 penny per ton they will be forced by law to feed children nutritious food. This also gives the opportunity for those veterans most at risk for suicide to finally have a way to forgive themselves for what they had to do in the line of duty.

Hoping to create a better future for generations to come.