Tenets (Bylaws)

The Tenets

1.  The following Tenets are to remain unchanged for all time, before and after time, forevermore.

2.  Do No Harm! No intentional harm is to be committed against anyone or anything ever!!

3.  Always go for the win-win situations!

4.  All endeavors of Mapler, it’s subsidiaries, representatives, members, etc. are to be Humanitarian in nature (Concerned with people’s welfare and the alleviation of suffering; humane or compassionate, or people with such conscerns, philanthropists, do-gooder’s, etc.).  This nature extends to plant and animal life as well as environmental issues.

5.  Sharing is Caring! When in excess share with other communities in need, first Mapler communities (to sustain surplus resources to share outside our communities), second schools (children having good food ensures humanity a healthy future), third everyone else.  The third can be amended to accommodate humanitarian needs.  (Tenet 5 “Sharing is Caring!” Applies to ALL Mapler Communities)

6.  No economy in the communities!  There will be no buying, selling, bartering, nor trading done within the Mapler communities.  No Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, etc.  Just Humanitarian (as described in Tenet 4) Sharing and caring while following these Tenets.  (Tenet 6 “No Economy” Only applies to Mapler communities with the exception of fundraising events held on the premises).

7.  All Tenets apply to all Members, Employees, Volunteers, Independent contractors, Beneficiaries, Subsidiary companies, etc. of Metropolitan Assistance Programs and Life Extension Reservation Inc. (further referred to as “Mapler Inc.”) and their representatives.

8.  Any words or actions that go against these Tenets shall be prohibited. If anyone or anything does attempt to break, slander, change, etc. any of these Tenets, then they are no longer with Mapler Inc. and any authority they may have had is rebuked prior to the attempt. There must be a community meeting previous to being accepted as a Member, etc. of Mapler Inc. again.

9.  No salary paid by Mapler Inc. will Ever go above three and one half times poverty level! Salaried employees of Mapler Inc. Can be Independent Contractors for fundraising purposes provided they keep their salaried duties attended to.  Independent contractors are allowed to make more than salaried employees in instances such as those needed for fundraising events, event organizers, donor finders, and grant finders/writers, etc. (Fundraisers (whether individuals or groups) can make up to 15% of the funds they raise).

10.  Other Tenets may be added in the future provided they do not contradict and/or change any of the previous Tenets and there is no greed or ego involved with it’s creation and/or use.